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2 – Backyard Birding

Posted in Fauna by lwroffee on July 18, 2009

My hat is definitely off to bird photographers.  I have been trying to get some decent photos of the little avian creatures that frequent the bird feeders on our property and it is no easy task.  They don’t sit and pose.  I have learned to sit quietly a decent distance from the feeder and be ready with focus and aperture set.  They are definitely fun to watch as they flit to and from the feeder.  Each species behaves a little differently.  The Cardinals are the easiest to photograph, and they don’t move quite as quickly.  Our feeders are mostly in the shade so that has meant little light and having to use a high ISO to get a shutter speed that would yield a sharp picture.  Maybe I should simply move the feeders.  This guy seems to be saying, “Stay away from my food.”

Back Yard Cardinal

Back Yard Cardinal

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  1. Mary McKnew said, on July 24, 2009 at 1:35 pm

    This guy reminds me of Tony Soprano right before he throws a temper tantrum because something didn’t go his way. Keep out of his way! I like the bird photos best, although the birds’ eye view of the river is very nice.

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