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I retired from a 30 year career with a small agency in the Federal government in August 2008.  As most retired bureaucrats do, I had hoped the consulting opportunities would come knocking.  They haven’t, in part because of the economy.  I am actually rather glad, because now I can really concentrate on the things I enjoy – photography, aviation, cooking, and family.

I began taking “pictures” in high school on our climbing trips to the mountains near Denver, Colorado with an old Kodak Vigilant six-20.  It was my father’s “good” camera.  I just pulled it out of storage the other day, and it appears to still work.  In college I bought a used Minolta-P 35mm camera – still have that too.  After I returned from military service in Viet Nam I eventually built a fairly decent Canon F-1 system.  And, I still have that.  I do intend on playing with some film photography.

Unfortunately, I pretty much neglected photography for many years.  I took a few pictures, but never went out purely to take photos.  In the early 90s I bought one of the original Nikon Cool-pix, and eventually a Canon G-5.  (I think)  I was totally turned off by the lag in taking any kind of decent photo.  In 2007, on a cruise with our good friends Harley and Nancy, I used Harley’s Nikon something DSLR to take a photo of them.  Wow!  Click and a picture.  I was hooked again.  Not too long after our return I owned a Canon 30D.

And now, I am pointing the 30D or a 5D Mark II at most any thing that passes before my lens. I have a lot to learn about digital photography.  I hope not to be too “techie” and concentrate more on that “vision” thing.

Why this blog

I started posting photos on about a year ago so family and friends could easily view them.  I did designate one of my galleries as my “Photo A Day” gallery, but have not posted a photo every day or every week for that matter.  I wanted a place to post more that just the best photographs I have taken.  I wanted a place to post every day photos of retired life and perhaps make some observations.  So here goes…………..

mescarsdake_edited-1Larry Roffee

July 17, 2009

Oh, for those that do not know me.  That is me to the left photographing grand daughter’s soccer game.  I am a paraplegic and amputee from combat in Vietnam a long time ago.   The wheelchair is a fancy Ibot4000 that, with a lot of gyroscopes and computers, balances on two wheels.


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  1. John Lancaster said, on July 28, 2009 at 1:51 pm

    Hey Larry,

    Great work! All of them. While I usually don’t get into still life photos, I am particularly interested in the two with garlic that you posted so far. Nice work, especially today’s.



  2. Mark Sakaley said, on July 31, 2009 at 10:35 am


    Kyle shared with me your blog link. I LOVE what you are doing, and several of your photos are particularly exceptional!! (I agree with John, the “Fresh Garlic”, and “Clearing clouds after a rain” are my FAVs”).

    And the above one of you taking picture is TERRIFIC!

    Also, the “Farmers Market in Washington, DC” is the Farmers Market near my downtown flat. I’ll have to share it with the vender, as I’ve gotten to know him.

    You’ve got a good eye. Keep going …


  3. Well as the recipient of your first Nikon Cool-pix, and now on my 3rd digital camera I really appreciate your pictures (especially the one of the American Red Cross (various captions running through my mine.) Coming from Kodak land I started taking pictures probably when I was eight and hope to spend more time on it someday. .

    Really enjoyed yours. Here’s a few of mine

    Your Friend


  4. Ray Ann Alt said, on September 5, 2010 at 12:12 pm

    Hi Larry:

    You may well be the Larry Roffee that many guys are looking for!!.. Were you in a night ambush in Cambodia on May 19, 1970…with the 25th Infantry 4th/9th Manchu’s.. Does the name Lt Gary Meyer mean something to you?

    If so, PLEASE be in touch with me… There are alot of guys who care about you who were in that same ambush–who have chosen the anniversary of that ambush to be together in DC to go to The Wall together…

    Would so appreciate hearing from you..

    Ray Ann Alt, wife of James Alt, also wounded in that ambush

  5. Hugh Smith said, on February 17, 2011 at 2:48 pm

    I got to your sight through Google. I was looking for night street photos so I could use a lens flare tutorial by Larry Becker that I downloaded from the Scott Kelby NAPP site.

    I too am a VN vet having served two tours 64-65 and 67-68. I too had (still do) interest in photography and flying having spent 20 years as a US Army Aviator having spent 4 years at the US Naval Test Pilot School. I instructed there for 3 years after completing the course in 1969.

    My interest in photography started when my father set up a darkroom in our bathroom when I was about 8 years old.

    My health is not good — I suffer from COPD and use oxygen to keep alive.

    I enjoyed your photos — I especially think your eye for composition is terrific.

    I use a Nikon D90 with a good cross-section of lenses. I enjoy HDR photography — a number of examples can be found on my web site.


  6. Catherine Peek-Williams said, on May 23, 2011 at 5:56 pm

    I am a finalist in an “Ideas Competition” for the Washington Monument grounds. The premise is of a grid of in-ground lights throughout the mall grounds that would charge with the kinetic energy of visitor traffic and then in hte evening light up based on the amount of charge each light got that day. I lovew your evening shot of the Washington Monument – it is perfect. Would you allow me to use your shot? I would like to modify it to display the lights as I am proposing. Let me know what your thoughts are.

    Thank you.

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